Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ready, Set, Garden 2010

So after lots of travels, celebrating Passover and looking at graduate schools, and craziness at work, I am finally staying in DC for a couple weeks to get started with seeds for this season’s gardens. One location has been canceled from last year, but we have a new spot. So, this season will include an indoor herb container garden at my house, an outdoor container garden on a friend’s deck, and a vegetable garden in another friend’s backyard. This is going to be the first jump into non-container gardening. I’m excited about it.

I’ve started some seeds at home and planted my herbs. Here is the rundown on the plants for this season so far:

My apologies for the ugliness of that table. I think its going to help me keep organized though. I couldn't get a table inserted on my blog nicely, so I had to paste it in as an image. Anyway, the seeds are in place and containers by the windowsill. I'll keep you posted as the seeds begin to sprout. As you can see below, Logan and I enjoyed ourselves getting the first seeds started.

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