Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Phase Three

We planted many of the cukes and tomatoes on the patio yesterday evening. The seedlings were planted in many different types of containers, each with holes on the bottom.
We discussed the possibility that some of our Phase Two plants may not make it. So, each container garden location now has a stockpile of seedlings to plant in case some of the original plants do not make it. Below, you can see the seedlings in waiting, including the cherry tomatoes (which made a fantastic and full recover from their run-in with death a couple weeks ago), cukes, and tomatoes. They will replace any lost life or will be added to our garden as we obtain additional space. With all the seedlings out of my office (aka the green house), I have room to start the new batches of seeds. Radishes, spinach, and chard will make nice additions but I may also start some new lettuce (just in case our Phase Two has to be re-planted due to the unexpected 90 degree weather).

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