Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Gardening

Over the holiday weekend, I was given the keys to our container garden paradise! I was so excited to be trusted with the responsibility of watering and re-arranging the plants. I went over to water on Thursday and then had some time on Sat. to head over to see if I could free up some of the lawn chairs and plant the new seedlings.

I began with watering the existing plants and then starting filling up an additional four containers with soil. I then planted all of the arugula, spinach and lettuce (seen left). I planted them about two inches apart because I think we will be harvesting them as babies using the "cut and come again" method. I propped up the containers on a giant plastic bin- which itself could make a great home for some plants. In addition to these long containers, I planted some radishes in a mid-sided round container and placed it with some of the others on a lawn chair.

Then, I looked around. Was there any way to free up the lawn chairs? I saw that there was a flimsy shelf alongside the house. I wondered, could this possibly hold some of our plants?
I decided to give it a try. I placed two large containers in front to help prop the shelves up and then placed two plants on it. I also wondered if there would be enough sun in this location in the yard and if the plants would block the sun from one another. Only time will tell.
It was so much fun to be playing in the yard and the plants looked happy. If the shelving works out, some more of the plants can be moved from the lawn chairs. That would free up some additional space for sitting and relaxing.... or for more containers.

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