Monday, June 21, 2010

Do I need to change the name of my blog?

So, I do apologize for not posting for a couple weeks. It has been quite hectic trying to get settling into my new house. Major changes in my life include:
  • Moved to MD
  • Got a new car (silver prius, very cute!)
  • Adapting to suburban lifestyle
  • Learning my way around

Most importantly, this weekend, I took a major step forward in my quest to learn about gardening and food.

  • With the help of a friend, I made my own garden plot in my new backyard!

Map of the garden and list of the food I'm trying to grow will come soon. I also worked with a friend of mine to restore some yard furniture we found on the side of the road:
Things are looking very good out here in MD, and Logan seems to be enjoying himself.

I'll post more updates from the garden in MD soon.

1 comment:

  1. The garden looks amazing! It's so big! I am very impressed, and can't wait to see what you are growing!!

    Also, I think you should keep the name of your blog, because your adventures will always have STARTED with container gardening. Someday randoms will stumble across the blog of a successful organic farmer and vineyard owner and wonder why on earth the blog is named for container gardening... and then they will think "Wow, maybe I can do all that, too, if I start by creating a container garden." Important life lesson:)