Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to the Soil

We sent the afternoon on Sat. in the garden. The lettuce and other greens are growing, slowly, but still growing. When we looked at our soil in the rest of the garden, however, we were a little concerned. It was like cement. Very rocky and very hard. A bit frustrated, we set to the task of adding in some soil conditioner from Home Depot. After turning it and adding in some more bags, it was starting to look a lot better.

We then added in the fence around the garden to keep creatures (including the dog) out and prevent harm to our veggie hopefuls. We also cleaned up other areas of the yard that we used for much of our initial garden debris.

Finally, we got to the task of planting! We planted most of the area with the exception of the a few plants that need to be started inside. I will provide a map of the garden in the next couple days. For now, here are some pics:

Also growing very nicely are my herbs inside my apartment. The basil and cilantro look amazing. Even the rosemary has sprouted!

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